The Team

About Us

The team at Hackertunity is made up of people who all care deeply about providing opportunities for those who have traditionally been left out of the tech industry.

The Board

Stephanie Solis

Stephanie SolisPresident & Founder

Pronouns: flexible (she/they/he). Stephanie was born and raised in Lancaster, California and has a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of California, Riverside. She is also working on her Master's of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence through the University fo San Diego. She enjoys karaoke and can be a bit loud and aggressive if we're being honest. She really just wants equality and justice in the world.

Tim Losee

Tim LoseeVice President & Director of Technology

Pronouns: He/him. Tim was born in the Antelope Valley and fought tooth and nail to get into the tech industry. He started by answering phones in a call center and now has over 10 years of experience as a network and telecommunications engineer. He is a true Capricorn and in his spare time, has broadened his technical portfolio to include UI design, AI integration, and coding in JavaScript and Python. Tim likes to wind down by racing Corvettes, singing Limp Bizkit on karaoke, and traveling the world.

Aaron Hampton

Aaron HamptonSecretary & Co-Founder

Pronouns: He/him. Aaron was born at a young age. He lives in a house and works when he can. He’s a nice young man and sensitive, please don’t be too loud around him.

Jess Bumbaris

Jess BumbarisTreasurer

Jess was born and raised in Chicago and is by far the least qualified of the bunch [her words!] Her background is in English and Creative Writing and she is working towards a Master’s Degree in Public Service Leadership. This is the closest she can get to being a STEM star.

Technology Committee

Emily Solis

Emily SolisMember of the Tech Committee

Pronouns: She/her. Emily has volunteered with non-profit organizations since the age of 18. She has made several professional career transitions, finding success as a Licensed Nurse, Instructor of Nursing, Web Technology Consultant, and Sales Director. Today she works full-time as a Network Security Engineer and mentors students and entry-level engineers. Emily lives in Nevada and splits her time between Henderson and Lake Tahoe.

Valerie Solis

Valerie SolisMember of the Tech Committee

Pronouns: She/her. Valerie is a cybersecurity project manager and has an IT background as a Cisco certified network engineer. She believes the field of tech should be all inclusive and envisions a world where nerds of all kinds work together in harmony to build a better future. Also, she is a Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon, and Taurus Rising. Her favorite things are traveling, Netflix, and snacks.

David Pineda

David PinedaMember of the Tech Committee

Pronouns: He/him. David is one of those "break things to see how it works" kinda guys. Whether that's fixing cars or fixing websites, it's more often than not a good learned lesson. But with 11 years of web development experience, he's picked up a trick or two, making sure that his projects are functional and performant. Always looking for a good challenge, he sees the benefit in learning by doing.

Public Relations Committee

Melissa Warr

Melissa WarrDirector of Public Relations

Pronouns: She/her. Melissa has her bachelors in Political Science from California State University, Northridge and her Masters in Business Administration from Woodbury University. She currently works as a Portfolio Manager for IT Security. She has 10+ years in the financial industry but made the transition into Tech and has never looked back. In her down time she likes to go to the beach, shows, and spend time with her family.